99.9% Pure Quartz Singing Pyramids

A Quartz Crystal Pyramid has healing qualities and characteristics similar to Crystal Singing Bowls and Gongs but with a different harmonic and feel.  It has that high vibration, light crystalline feel you get from a crystal singing bowl.

Bridging the transformative sound of resonating pure quartz crystal with the power of sacred geometry and the Pythagorean Pyramid, these tools will show the power they have. Beautiful simply to look at or hang in a window and refract the light, these pyramids have substance and power.

All sizes of the Crystal Singing Pyramids have long-resonating tones  and every pyramid is its own unique combination harmonics.

As with bowls, the smaller pyramids are of higher octave, the larger pyramids are of lower octaves, but all play a mix, making them most balanced and enjoyable.

Feel the difference in healing energies between the bowls and the pyramids is that the bowls are opening, balancing, connecting versus the pyramids which are electrifying, transcendent. They resonate a simply mesmerizing, almost hypnotic sound that entrance.  Experience working with them suggests that their purpose is to open DNA codes and soul codes within you.

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