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The Yosef Codes

The Yosef Codes "sacred geometry codes of healing" uses sacred geometric mandalas of consciousness that vibrates in resonance with universal systems of healing. They can be used in meditation, healing practices, reiki, dowsing, and radionics.

These codes represent the micro level, like one cell which extends and connects to a vast body of consciousness beyond time and space.

The energies of these codes have the ability to change the atmosphere where they are and affect anything around them by the laws of their vibrational nature.

Yosef Codes Book & Deck Contents

    1. Forward
    4. Introduction
    9. Root Chakra
    10. Sacral Chakra
    11. Solar Chakra
    12. Heart Chakra
    13. Throat Chakra
    14. Third eye Chakra
    15. Crown Chakra
    16. Higher Crown Chakra
    17. Chakra Alignment
    18. Elemental Balance
    19. 4 body Balance
    20. Female Energy
    21. Male energy
    22. Protection
    23. Psychic Protection
    24. Code of Ra
    25. Code of Amon
    26. Angelic Realm
    27. Higher Self
    28. Harmony
    29. Compassion
    30. Forgiveness
    31. Centring
    32. Water Transmuter
    33. Food Transmuter
    34. Earth Energy
    35. EMF Transformer
    36. Bio / Contact

Here is an example of one of the pages.

How To Use: The codes can be used in many different ways, here is a list of the most common ways they can be used:

1. They can be cut out of the book to make a deck of cards.

2. They can be scanned or photocopied for personal use.

3. The codes can be meditated on like a Mandala or Medicine Wheel.

4. They can be place directly on the body or chakras.

5. To connect with the energies directly, place hand over code for at least 20 seconds, then place hand over body, chakras, food, water, etc.

6. Place code under glass of water or food to program the energies of the codes within.

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